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Nr.: 11551

Our new worldwide treats, we present you the pullovers in recycled material from Tricot. Conceptualized in France and produced in Italy, they are the must-have for this winter!

The "Crewneck Pullover Striped" pink and yellow is the perfect combination of softness and lightness!

• 50% recycled cashmere / 50% cotton
• Unisex fit – perfect for men & women
• Washing at 30°C / wool program recommended

Maintenance recommendation :
Can be washed in cold or hot water that will prevent it from shrinking or getting damaged. Don`t let it soak too long and use very little of a very delicate detergent (or baby shampoo) in order not to alter its color. As for drying, gently press the sweater to evacuate excess water without wringing it and dry it flat, in a natural way, so as not to deform the knit. Mechanical dryers are strictly forbidden... And finally, the ironing: no hot iron, otherwise it will felting! A soft ironing with a slightly wet cloth placed between the iron and your sweater is recommended.
Brand  Tricot via Ankorestore
Nr.  11551