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CHF 49.00

Nr.: 11125

scented candle Oud Des Sens S  limited edition - Lueur Des Sens

The woody and oriental blend will transport you to the Emirates. An advice: Embark, travel and enjoy!

Head & Heart: Oud, Woody note
Base: Vanilla

Lueur Des Sens candles are handmade in Geneva. Each candle is therefore a unique model. The realization is 100% artisanal; from the setting of the wick in natural cotton, to the mixture of the fragrance and the organic soya wax, to the assembly of the packaging.

- Format: round
- Color : white
- Weight: 220 g
- Dimensions : 8 × 8 × 9 cm
- Number of wicks : 1
- Burning time : 45H
Nr.  11125