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Crossbody Bag `Alma` S-3 | Naturel Leather - SeptemberMay

CHF 220.00

Crossbody Bag `Alma` M-14 | Green & Brown - SeptemberMay

CHF 189.00

Chatelaine Bag Espresso Chocolat ES03CH- Meraky

CHF 168.00

BLK & YLW Bag Bache Recycled N.03

CHF 269.00

RISTRETTO Brown pochette RI04JU - Meraky

CHF 153.00

Bag embroidered `140m` - Atelier Siblings

CHF 120.00

Arabica Tote Bag, Chocolat- Meraky

CHF 250.00

Small vintage two straps suede and leather bag with silk scarf- PAGR

CHF 289.00

BLK & YLW Bag Bache Recycled N.02

CHF 269.00

Bag Eléonore Corail Velours M - C.C Mère et Fille

CHF 240.00

SHAKERATO Jute convertible bag SH02JU-T - Meraky

CHF 270.00