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CHF 16.90

Nr.: 11080

MySockFactory has the touch of extravagance that you missed! Sophisticated but casual, elitist but accessible, chic and affordable.

• Dark green socks with a cat and mouse side
• Designed in Switzerland
• 100% made in France
• Meet European standards, ensuring comfort and durability
• 72% cotton | 26% polyamide | 2% elastane

Bye bye, the days when cats and mice fought a ruthless war, between Swiss cheese and a bowl of milk. Let’s leave it to cartoons. A wind of tenderness and friendship blows on this model Best Friend! , with as guest stars a good big cat and his adorable new girlfriend. See how these two are making sweet eyes... Yes, in addition to being made in France with passion, our quality socks are only love. Kisses kisses, meow.
Brand  My Sock Factory
Nr.  11080